Ound is a project by Paula Delgado which explores our relationship with nature, through naturally dyed silk dresses, and hand-knit undyed woolen garments. Ound’s pieces are one-of-a-kind and are thoughtfully made in limited editions, with the philosophy that true luxury lies in simplicity, and high quality, sustainable materials.

Paula is inspired by the philosophy of permaculture, a holistic design system for creating harmonious relations between humans, plants, animals, and the Earth, which she translates into a contemporary aesthetic rooted in simplicity and humble luxury. Through her background as a designer for global fast fashion corporations, she gained a profound awareness of the harmful nature of an industry that is based on high turnover, overproduction and waste. With Ound, she presents a meditative approach and an alternative to a broken system – a thoughtful design practice that is based on an appreciation of materials, which evolves and matures over time. Ound is made in Uruguay.

Coming soon, Spring/Summer 2024 !

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